n the past, we listed all of the parrots individually that we adopted or placed. We have simplified this list to indicated how many parrots we have adopted or placed since March, 2005, since we mention when a parrot goes to a new home on our Home page.
2005 30
2006 14
2007 26
2008 14
2009 19
2010 15
2011 13
2012 9
2013 12
2014 12
2015 5
2016  0
2017  5
2018  4

INDIAN RING-NECKED PARAKEETpexels-photo-97533.jpeg


“Fiona is turning out to be a lovely little pet…She’s very fond of showers!””CeeCee has made himself at home…Bella and CeeCee cannot be in separate rooms without looking for each other…”
Regarding Pudgie: “He’s a wonderful bird and I am grateful to have him.”
Regarding the Lovebirds Bonnie, Clyde, etc.: “I am really enjoying watching them and their antics…thanks so much for all you do to help birds.”
“Willie is doing wonderfully…he loves to dance especially to old Village People songs and to The Killers…he cuddles…likes to snuggle inside my collar or shirt front…”
“Marley is going great, still a ham…he’s happy and healthy…”
“Sheila is doing great…snuggling…we love her so much and are so grateful to you…”
“Vida is doing well…she comes out every day and sits with me…I really appreciate adopting Vida…”
“Suzy is doing good…she sings to us…when people have conversations in front of her she joins in…she is very happy here and we are very happy with her…”
“Percy and Buddy are doing great…they rule the house…Percy likes to cuddle up to my husband and go to sleep…when [my son] comes home from school, Buddy goes nuts…they both love water…they yell when you turn the water on…we love them so much.”
“Ibou is just wonderful…he has been such a joy these past two years now…”
“Vito [and I] seem to be progressing…each little touch he allows me is his gift of friendship toward me…this is a rewarding experience…I continue to thank you for trusting this incredible bird to my care.”
Regarding Sammy the Sun Conure: “We can’t thank ypu enough for this beautiful boy. From the moment we saw him we knew! He has brought such joy into our house. Every day learns something new. He is so smart! He is a much-loved member of our family. Thank you so much for all the great work you do on behalf of these beautiful birds, and thank you so much for the care and love that you gave Sammy while he was with you.”
Regarding Peeps the Caique: “…You guys do such a wonderful job with your efforts on behalf of these birds. They are lucky to have you in their lives and we are lucky to have found such a caring rescue with such caring people who only have the birds best interest at heart…”
Regarding Rocky the CAG: “…She is an absolute joy to have around; we are so grateful to have adopted her…”
Regarding Razz the Quaker: “Razz is doing amazing. His feathers are growing in nicely, hoping he’ll be bald-less within the next year! He has become better at flying which I’m so proud of. He has his whole routine whenI let him out and takes laps around the house. He now mimics his sister and takes baths in his water dish usually at the same time, which is adorable. He is starting to mumble some words and almost has “hello” down!”
Regarding Skittles the Sun Conure: “…Skittles is getting more accustomed to her new world. She’s started to take showers. She has to be on my shoulder or head constantly even if I’m across the way. Can’t miss a beat! She’s adjusted nicely to her big cage and I got a custom cover so she can get good sleep! Otherwise as soon as the suns up she lets it be known she’s up!”

Regarding Jimmie the Quaker: “Jimmie is doing wonderful, she is really a sweetheart.”

Regarding Maggie: “Both boys are doing great! I wanted to send you two pictures of the boys from last night. Maggie spent a long time on my shoulder sharing s clementine, while Chico took quite the snooze! Such sweet boys.”

Regarding Henry and his new friend Daffy: I was surprised to find that Henry is quite outgoing in exploring his new surroundings. He keeps on landing on Daffy’s cage, and was eating Daffy’s leftover stringbeans from the top of his playstand!



From time to time, we elect to make a bird a “permanent resident” of Feathered Friends. This decision may be for a variety of reasons, including the desire to provide a stable and permanent home for a bird we feel should not be further adopted or re-homed.

Please consider becoming a sponsor of one of our permanent residents. You will be assisting in helping to insure the continuation of our efforts in fostering birds for adoption, and being able to make the neediest of parrots permanent residents. Minimum annual donation suggested per sponsored bird is $25.00. Thank you! We currently have ten permanent residents.

FEATHERED FRIENDS MAKES A MOST SINCERE AND HEARTFELT APPEAL TO ALL WHO VENTURE TO THIS PAGE….PLEASE HELP US!! We are deep into the red, and we need your financial support. We gladly lay out personal funds to purchase only the BEST for the “flock” and we will continue to do so. We’ve been doing this since 2005, and our being in the red is well over $10,000. Please send a tax-deductible donation to soon! Thanks so much for your kindness!

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